Mother Ludlum’s Cave

Mother Ludlum’s Cave, Moor Park, Farnham

I’ve already posted about Mother Ludlum’s cave on a past visit but this time we brought along our US visitors. It’s actually pretty difficult to get a good single picture that captures the exterior of the cave, the gate, and gives a sense of the interior. Here’s another stab at it.

Edinburgh, first look

A few street shots from our first walkabout on the afternoon of our arrival. Click the post title and/or any of the images to see them at full size.

Street Texture

Some more street still-lifes from way back in May, 2009. Click any image to see them all enlarged (in a browser)

Abandoned Croton Aqueduct Gatehouse

119th St and Amsterdam Avenue, New York
119th St and Amsterdam Avenue, New York

I generally try to avoid the pretty cliché HDR look on abandoned ruins. But, interesting as this site looks, I didn’t take a very interesting picture of it, so here goes…

…The current gatehouse replaced an older gatehouse (ca. 1842) that was located in the middle of the road at Amsterdam Avenue and West 119th Street on “Asylum Ridge.” By 1890, the Morningside Heights area was growing and the structure became an obstruction to increasing street traffic. Read more…