London and the City


Walking back to Waterloo station on the Southbank and the sun came out illuminating the dome of St Paul’s, I stopped to take an in-camera jpeg sweep panorama.

The City

Manhattan Skylines

Central Park Reservoir, New York

We took a walk around the Central Park Reservoir with the light just perfect so I shot an in-camera sweep panorama looking towards the East-Southeast. Then, after about a 3/4 circuit, another shot of the southern park skyline with the impudent new needle-nose skyscrapers giving us the finger, below.

Central Park Reservoir, looking South


We went on a touristy architectural boat tour of Chicago focused mostly on the big glass and steel towers of downtown. I think because glass reflects its surroundings, it’s an easy way for an architect to say their building fits in its environment. Click on any of the images below to see them all enlarged.

National Museum Roof Garden

Edinburgh, Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland has a roof garden with tremendous views. Above an in camera sweep panorama that covers only about 180º of the view. Below, a series of shots that will show some of the views a little closer. Click on any of them to see them larger.

Streets of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

After the Parliament we continued our stroll through Edinburgh, eventually returning to our hotel. Click any of the pictures below to see them all bigger (remembering you may have to click the post title first if you’re seeing this in an email or via social media).

North Berwick Street Scenes

North Berwick, Scotland

We had some lunch at a beach-side stand and walked back through the town to the train station to return to Edinburgh. Click on the pictures below to see them bigger (if you’re seeing this in email or social media you may need to click the post title first to get there).

North Berwick: At the Beach

Here’s a first view of part of the town from the beach. We spent a few hours exploring and walking around. I took lots of pictures to try and capture the feeling of the place and there will no doubt be a certain repetitiveness to the pictures that follow in the next few posts. To see the pictures below full sized click on any of them (first clicking on the post title if you’re seeing this in email or on social media).

North Berwick

We walked from the train station through the town to the beachfront. Click either of the pictures below to see them larger.

Edinburgh Old Town

To the side of St Giles Cathedral is Parliament Square and buildings that now serve as courts with a statue of King Charles II; also a view looking down from South Bridge. Click on any picture (and maybe the post title first) to see them enlarged.

For the Django Fans

All of these were shot at the Place de Brouckere in Brussels, shortly before we left. I’m guessing it looked rather different in Django’s time. Click any image to see them bigger (if you’re seeing this in email you may need to click the post title, above, first).

Some Ghent Street Scenes

Some of the architecture and people we saw on our day in Ghent. Click any of the images above to see them all enlarged (you may need to click on the post title, above, first if you’re seeing this in an email).