New Jersey Turnpike

Fair warning: I find these views on the turnpike fascinating. They draw me with the beauty of their industrial ugliness, the strict geometry of the Manhattan skyline and the pylons and other industrial artifacts. So expect to see several more over the next few posts…

The Naked City

63rd St and Park Avenue, New York

63rd St and Madison Avenue, New York

The city was eerily empty for 6 in the evening (March 29th) as we drove home from the airport in a Lyft where the driver’s seat was cocooned behind thick plastic wrap.

Alleyways and Rooftops

Staying in Bamberg, Germany, we continue to explore Kodachrome slides my father shot when he was in the Army in the 1950s (you can read about the project here). Bamberg is a UNESCO world heritage site, its oldest cathedral dating to the beginning of the 11th century. You can get a sense of that age in these images.

Bamberg, Germany