Shops and Leaves

Camberwell, London

Some will remember that I posted 2 pictures already of shopping trolleys and autumn leaves that I took in Farnham near the University. Then I came upon these in London walking around and I, well, I just had to shoot them.

Time Passing

Farnham, UK

Some of you will remember a post from a week or so ago of Autumn leaves and shopping carts glistening gold and silver in the late afternoon sun. I passed the site again on a gray, wet day. The light was cool, the leaves more brown and sodden, the shopping carts fewer and more abandoned looking. Another quick shot, capturing the passage of time.

Autumn Shine

Farnham, UK

I’m not sure this quite conveys the quality of light – the leaves were glowing golden and the shopping carts shining silvery in the late afternoon sun. I stopped quickly and shot a few frames, trying to capture the brightness of the scene.

For the Birds

An interesting challenge in photographic composition. Which image is stronger? In the top image we have the nice diagonal line of the birds, leading us in, as well as the converging lanes drawing our eye to the nearer and more prominent shopping cart. In the bottom image the bird in front draws the eye more, we still have the converging lanes and a diagonal line of birds, dividing the image almost in half, and I think there’s a stronger sense of the emptiness of the parking lot. Your thoughts?

Tar Beach?

91st St and West End Avenue, New York

West End Avenue has been closed to traffic between 86th and 96th Streets. One new sight is the alte kackers of Upper Schlepistan sitting outside, “picnicking” in socially-distanced couples.