Parking Lot

Rte 70, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Was it Stephen Shore who first started cataloguing American suburban commercial spaces? Whoever it was, was a genius. Since then it’s become a bit of a clich√© as everyone’s piled into this space. Nevertheless, a short walk along route 70 this past weekend offered many such vistas, the empty parking lots and gray November sky capturing some of the feeling of vast emptiness this pandemic has created (to be fair, it was a Sunday).

A la Recherche du Temps Perdu

West 82nd Street, New York
West 82nd Street, New York

Over 50 years ago my parents garaged our family’s Morris Miner at this little parking spot. Amazingly, given NY’s real estate market, it’s still here as a tiny, postage-stamp car park. It was critical to remember to open the windows on this car before closing the doors, lest your ears implode. The model shown here is in much better nick than I remember ours being.Morris Minor on Pinterest | Retro Cars, Classic cars and Cars