Harry’s Water Taxi Beach

Long Island City, New York

My friend Harry got a concession to offer food, drink and music on an unused sandy spit off tthe East River (seen in the background here) where the water taxi came to port in Long Island City. This shot is from September 2008.

On Set

At an Arts University one gets interesting opportunities. Last week I played an extra in a film. I spent from 11:00 to 4:00 on Thursday, mostly in character as a man silently gazing at an inventor, pictured here in make-up. At lunch time, snacks were served and the boom mike was laid down.

Table, Shadow

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

from the Museum web site:


Costa Achillopoulo

Little is known about the designer of this table, which is both a functional piece of furniture and a fantastical Surrealist sculpture. The glass tabletop rests improbably atop small balls balanced on the tips of three delicately tapering fingers, generating a sensation of tension and unease. Disembodied hands and gloves are recurrent motifs in Surrealist art, with the left hand, in particular, symbolizing the irrational. The cloudlike element from which the hand emerges also suggests a transition from the conscious to the subconscious world.