Looking back, it seems like 2002 was the first time it dawned on me that I could use the family Kodak point-n-shoot digital (2 MP) for more than just recording family events. I took the camera out and walked up and down the street looking for opportunities while my SLRs continued their slumber in the back of the closet.

West 99th Street, New York


Since the pandemic struck I’ve stopped going to the office. that means I no longer have to carry a messenger-style bag large enough to hold my MacBook, charger and other work supplies in addition to my camera, spare batteries, lenses, charger, etc. All of which allows me to carry a much smaller lighter bag. At the same time, my X-T4 arrived so now, in my smaller, somewhat lighter, smaller bag I carry the X-T4, usually with the 23mm f2 lens on it, the X-T3 with the longish 55-200 on it for those very occasional long shots, as well as another street lens (18-55mm kit zoom), extra batteries and a couple of other knick-knacks. The point of this overlong gear recitation is that I occasionally take a shot or two with the X-T3 and the long lens, then stuff it back in the bottom of the bag. Last week I decided to see what was on that chip and so, over the next several posts, instead of my usual more or less contemporaneous and sequential shots I’ll be delving back into shots taken at different times and places. You may not be able to tell the difference!

New York


New York
New York

I was originally drawn to the way the window panes in the door were shadowed on the wall on the left in warm tones. And then I like the way the bookcase on the right rhymed the rectangles (weakly, I’ll admit) and the cool highlights in the background.