Moving Landscapes

While traveling down the highway on Christmas morning, I was struck by the occasional radiance of the odd tree with golden leaves still on it, leaping out from amidst the gray empty branches of its surroundings. I shot at 1/320th, which mostly froze motion at a distance but not necessarily in the nearer foreground. The result is landscapes that look like they’re moving past me at high speeds (instead of the reverse). It was rare that I actually captured the single tree I was aiming at.

English Dusk

A little over 12 years ago, on a wintery February day, I last took the EuroStar to Paris. Some may remember landscapes I posted from that trip, where I deliberately kept the shutter speed slower to bring some motion blur into the images, yielding a soft, impressionistic effect. This time, the EuroStar pictures were taken on the English side under a vibrant sunset hour. Click any image to see them all full-sized.

Train Trip to Farnham

A Day trip to Farnham to see UCA (University for the Creative Arts). Once again, I slowed my shutter to gather motion-blurred images of the countryside.

Click any image to see them each full-sized (in a browser, not email)

Train from Penrith

Thus ended our glorious sojourn in the Lake District. From Keswick we took a bus to Penrith and caught the train to London’s Waterloo station. Once again, I slowed my shutter to get some motion-blurred, pictorial images of the English countryside.

Click any image to see them each full sized (in a browser).