Since we finished viewing the Fin-de-Siècle on level -8 the way to exit is via an elevator that’s immense with couches like the one shown below on both sides of it. Then an escalator ride and some stairs to emerge again at level 0.

Watery Portal

Niagara Falls, Ontario

After waiting to get down the elevator to the tunnels behind the falls, you line-up again to get your few seconds at one of these openings right behind the raging falls. Most people take selfies or family-portrait selfies. This image really doesn’t do justice to the full drama and fury of the water cascading past, right in front of you.


A lot of time in Niagara Falls as a tourist is spent waiting in long lines (line-ups to Canadians, queues to the English). Thousands of people are queued up, waiting to make use of 1 or 2 ordinary-sized elevators. Click any image to see them all larger