ReVoltairean Concept

Tate Modern, London

Continuing my walk along the South Bank after seeing the Sugimoto exhibit at the Hayward Gallery, I came again to the Tate Modern with, for some reason, this quotation from the end of Voltaire’s Candide struck in lights on a frame at the back of a lawn where pigeons flatly rested. Uncanny.

Some More North Berwick Beach

North Berwick, Scotland

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Close to Land’s End

In the distance of the first picture you can see some white buildings. That’s as close as we got to Land’s End, the most westerly point in the country. Somewhere along the way we passed a Bronze Age barrow cemetery but it wasn’t tremendously apparent where it began and ended. If you click to enlarge the picture of the beach (click the post title first if you’re seeing this in an email), you can see a couple of people down there to provide some sense of scale and distance. As we walked back from almost-Land’s End to Nanjizal we came upon the same herd of horses who again tried nibbling at my clothes (while one napped).