Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Still in the archives from 2001-02, here’s another foggy landscape looking South down the beach. there was a lot of color noise in this old 2MP jpeg that I took a stab at cleaning up.

Life’s a Beach

So frigid weather sends me back to the archive. Here’s a selection of 2MP jpegs shot early in my digital period with the family Kodak at the beach, with a little modern editing in Capture One. Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Walking on Water?

St Petersburg, Florida

I think this is the same Great Blue Heron as in a few posts ago, or the same mistaken identification.

(These pictures were shot a couple of weeks ago – everything’s shut now and we’re complying with attempts to halt the spread of Covid-19 by not going out except for necessities).

Ocean Still Life

The beach at Leo Carillo State Park leaves many tidal pools with various creatures in them. we clambered through caves and over rocks to see them and I took lots of still life shots of what we saw.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Christmas Day in Santa (Monica)

…or, People in Glass Houses

After Christmas morning coffee in Palm Springs, we drove up to Santa Monica. We arrived before the hotel was ready for us and killed time walking down the beach to Venice and back.

Click any picture to enlarge them all.