September 4, 2007

I’m back in the US briefly so no new posts. Instead, I turn to the archive for photos taken in Septembers past, starting 16 years ago in September 2007. Some of the pictures that follow over the next week or so have never been shown here before, others are re-edited using newer tools and an evolved sense of how best to use them.

Indian Echo Cavern, Pennsylvania

I wonder if they will update what they call this place?


New Hope, Pennsylvania

Another good example of how not to play with jpegs in Photoshop. This was a leaf on someone’s deck with water beaded up on it and a little mold or fungus between the planks. It looks like I boosted the contrast, saturation and sharpening way up. It’s an interesting effect but doesn’t look like anything in this world, nor is it abstract enough to escape its representational roots.