Socializing, Covid-style

Upper West Side, New York

Friends of ours were given access to a roof garden while friends of theirs are away. We had an awkward dance getting up the stairs while staying 6-feet apart but on the roof it was easy and the masks came off. Nicest time I’ve had all virus-season.

Hotel Room Views

Just back from a week-long business conference in a hotel and conference center outside Dublin. There were not a tremendous number of good opportunities to go shooting but I did manage a bunch of landscapes around the convention center grounds and on a couple of brief group fun forays into tourist Dublin.

Saggart, Ireland

and Night

A Big Tent

Just back from a week in Colorado at my company’s annual sales kick-off event at a really nice facility. Will be boring you all with some landscape photography, for a change, over the next few days as I work through the shots I took in between the non-stop sessions, starting with the Denver airport.20170130-_dsf0947

Denver Airport, Colorado
Denver Airport, Colorado