The Chapter House

From the walking guide we picked up at the Cathedral:

This building, the walls of which date from the late 11th century, was named after the first item of business at the daily monastic meeting – the Prior, from his throne, would read out a chapter of the rules of St Benedict. The current governing body of the Cathedral also takes its name from this.

The superb wagon-vaulted roof of c.1400 is made from Irish oak, and its decoration is typical of late English Gothic style. The two main windows are late Victorian, and the subject matter of one is mirrored in the other…

The right-hand picture is of an angled, mirrored table presumably allowing visitors to see the ceiling better. The 2nd window mentioned above, is opposite the one shown in my picture.

Socializing, Covid-style

Upper West Side, New York

Friends of ours were given access to a roof garden while friends of theirs are away. We had an awkward dance getting up the stairs while staying 6-feet apart but on the roof it was easy and the masks came off. Nicest time I’ve had all virus-season.

Hotel Room Views

Just back from a week-long business conference in a hotel and conference center outside Dublin. There were not a tremendous number of good opportunities to go shooting but I did manage a bunch of landscapes around the convention center grounds and on a couple of brief group fun forays into tourist Dublin.

Saggart, Ireland

and Night

A Big Tent

Just back from a week in Colorado at my company’s annual sales kick-off event at a really nice facility. Will be boring you all with some landscape photography, for a change, over the next few days as I work through the shots I took in between the non-stop sessions, starting with the Denver airport.20170130-_dsf0947

Denver Airport, Colorado
Denver Airport, Colorado