Screebe Falls

Our first stop after leaving Galway town was a roadside stop to capture the Screebe Falls, but there were some other things of interest there as well. Click any image to see them all enlarged (in your browser).


Our first stop was Ambleside. After a brief nap following our almost 30-hour odyssey, we walked up to the Stock Ghyll Force, a small waterfall, through Stock Ghyll Park, taking a first few pictures along the way. Click any image to see them each full-size.

Night Falls

Just in case the drama and majesty of the Falls are not enough, they are lit up at night in changing colors and throughout the tourist season there is a nightly fireworks display. Some years ago I remember setting up my camera on a tripod and taking long, 30-second exposures at low ISOs. These were shot handheld on automatic through my hotel-room window with some minimal noise reduction, contrast and a few other minor adjustments. (Click any image to see them all enlarged.)

Tripping the Lake Fantastic

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Another obligatory stop on the tourist trail is the boat ride by the Falls, in which you get drenched with water spraying off the waterfalls. Here, before the deluge, you can see a bird taking off from the water and the skips behind it.

Important Bird Area

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Niagara Falls area has been designated a “globally significant Important Bird Area,” an area identified using an internationally agreed set of criteria, developed identified by BirdLife International, as being globally important for the conservation of bird populations.